About us

Predictive AI for longevity - bringing years to life and life into years


Genic.AI is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) managed Total Health care solution, from Genic level upwards.

It is lead by a non-conventional team of AI and Healthcare thought leaders and experienced entrepreneurs. This early-stage startup team is supported by Medical professionals, Engineers and Healthcare Business professionals and enthusiastic Interns.

Genic means “pertaining to or caused by the genes.” adj. “of, relating to, produced by, or being genes or a gene”  (source: http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/genic)

Genic.AI is a new paradigm of “proactive” healthcare as against “reactive” healthcare. This proactive paradigm enables the latest technological advancements in both AI and in Genic sciences. Healthcare as we have experienced in the past have either been symptomatic(if clinical) or at best a blind shot(if preventive). Genic.AI is a specialised Artificial Intelligence computer program based solution fine-tuned over years of research, which attempts to identify the specific root causes of health from Genic level upwards and provides a Total Health solution through round the clock managed care. Thereby, increasing the quality of life, productivity and longevity while reducing the economic and time cost of healthcare.

Present status:

We are a stealth mode startup focused on solving anti-ageing by the year 2030 and expedited treatment/eradication of Tuberculosis and prevention and/or cure of certain Cancer types by tracing the root cause of diseases and offering Drug molecules, new regimens and/or lifestyle regimens. We look forward to work with large Pharma companies, Clinical research organizations, University research participants, Institutions who have a mission towards these goals(preferably part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN wrt Health), and Governments in the above areas of healthcare. We also look forward to work with Health Insurance companies and Life Insurance companies to model appropriate insurance offerings in the age of longevity and better health. We believe we have made some progress towards solving some of these pressing problems of our times. Solving longevity/anti-aging is an incredibly complex problem statement but at the same time the most exciting problem for 21st century, one that has profound implications on how we live, how our societies are structured. Please feel free to contact us with any queries or collaborations towards furthering this mission. You may please email us at the email addresses mentioned on the Contact page.

Planned roll-outs expected in the near future

Personalised Test Labs

Genic.AI network of Test Labs would be available across various regions of your convenience to suit your personalised test requirements determined by our AI. Your personalised tests are needed to be precise to your health needs instead of being generic. Genic.AI will identify those tests, conduct those tests to build your Total Health profile.

Best Suited Hospitals

Genic.AI network of Hospitals are expected to be around 4500 network hospitals across various regions. Your personalised treatment is needed to be directed to the best suited hospitals to your health profile. Genic.AI will suggest you the best matched hospitals based upon your personal health and treatment requirement.

Relevant Health Insurance

With Healthcare costs rising 15% YoY, the need for relevant health insurance that is suitable to your health profile is critical. Genic.AI matches you with the most appropriate health insurance plans that is relevant to your health needs instead of generic health plans. At the same time reduce the overall premium burdens.