Predictive AI for longevity - bringing years to life and life into years

What is Genic.AI?

Genic.AI is a new paradigm of “proactive” healthcare as against “reactive” healthcare. This proactive paradigm enables the latest technological advancements in both AI (Artificial Intelligence) and in Genic sciences. Healthcare as we experience today is either symptomatic(if clinical) or at best a blind shot(if preventive). Genic.AI is an IP(Intellectual Properties) protected specialised Artificial Intelligence based Total Health solution, fine-tuned over years of research. It attempts to identify the specific root causes of health issues from Genic level upwards and provides a thorough, round the clock managed care. Thereby, increasing the quality of life, productivity and longevity while reducing the economic and time cost of healthcare.

Present status:

We are a stealth mode startup focused on solving anti-ageing by the year 2030 and expedited treatment/eradication of Tuberculosis and prevention and/or cure of certain Cancer types by tracing the root cause of diseases and offering Drug molecules, new regimens and/or lifestyle regimens. We look forward to work with large Pharma companies, Clinical research organizations, University research participants, Institutions who have a mission towards these goals(preferably part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN with regards to Health), and Governments in the above areas of healthcare. We also look forward to work with Health Insurance companies and Life Insurance companies to model appropriate insurance offerings in the age of longevity and better health. We believe we have made some progress towards solving some of these pressing problems of our times. Solving longevity/anti-aging is an incredibly complex problem statement but at the same time the most exciting problem for 21st century, one that has profound implications on how we live, how our societies are structured. Please feel free to contact us with any queries or collaborations towards furthering this mission. You may please email us at the email addresses mentioned on the Contact page.


Genic Data

Your Total Health journey starts from your unique Genic profile. Genic.AI has classified markers in upto 90 Genic categories that cover almost all known health conditions. These classified markers have been created through rigorous data intelligence to uniquely identify individual health. Discovering your Genic markers are done through your saliva samples collected at your place of convenience. Genic mapping is done to create a comprehensive root level individual health check for your proactive health.


Health Intelligence

Genic.AI algorithms chart out specific set of personalized tests for you based on your health data. The specialized tests can be conducted at any of Genic.AI Personalized Test Labs available near you, as against generic tests conducted in standard preventive checkups. Your health data is correlated with billions of data points accumulated through years of research in Health Sciences and decades of clinical expertise. Genic.AI finally constructs your health intelligence through this unique and extensive data rigor.


Total Health

Genic.AI constructs your 360º health and longevity profile that charts out your specific underlying health conditions, which need to be attended to in the short, medium and long term. A technologically advanced AI managed 24/7 care is designed for you with your personal health prescriptions. Genic.AI continuously helps monitor your health compliance. It places you under the most relevant Health Insurance for you. Annual measurements are provided on your improvements.


Please view a short film on the Genic.AI approach here

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